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Anonymous: Hello! So I have access to my school's fitness centre. But the thing is when I go without one of my gym buddies, I just feel so intimidated because the majority of people who use the gym are males and I feel like whenever I go in by myself and use the machines or into the rooms for like stretching and that other stuff and people are in there that they are always thinking "look at that fat chick trying to lose weight." Any advice on not to feel so intimidated?

i’ve felt like this before.  and honestly you just have to stop caring.  you know why you’re there and it shouldn’t matter to them.  they’re more focused on their own goals than yours, so don’t worry about them! x

Anonymous: When you take laxatives, do you just lose the weight from waste or do you actually lose body fat? And also, is it like uncontrollable bathroom wise lol

you don’t lose body fat.

and it’s not literally out of your control but it can be SO painful that you can’t hold it in. sometimes you get the sweats, etc. if you try to hold it in.  so you can control it but it comes at a high price haha 

Anonymous: You're so awesome ❤️❤️❤️

aw thank you <3333 x

Anonymous: Can you loose weight by simply walking?

you lose weight by burning more calories than you take in.  so as long as you are eating right, the additional exercise would make you lose weight at a slow, healthy pace :)

prob gonna die from the amount of diet coke i drink

Anonymous: what is the ideal weight for 15 year old girl 5'0, but im muscular and have d boobs

click here and read question 7, there’s your answer

being muscular makes it likely your ideal weight is a little higher in the healthy range  xx

Anonymous: whats the best exercise to loose weight

some variation of cardio and strength training x